I was born in the Ukraine in 1958. My expertise, experience, and vast knowledge with fine art is based on a very strong and solid foundation. In 1978, after studying painting and sculpture from 1974 to 1978, I decided to become an artist while attending Art College in Vizhnicya in the Ukraine. In 1980, I attended the Academy of Art in Lvov in the Ukraine where I continued my studies in painting and sculpture. I received my Masters Degree in fine art in 1985. My works have been publicized, displayed, and shown, either solo or in group exhibitions from 1983 to the present time. I moved to San Francisco in 1991 where I continue to follow my passion for art that consists of creation, restoration, and conservation of fine art pieces. I carefully inspect and study works of art in museums whenever possible to analyze and capture the essence of masterpieces. This process allows me to better estimate and supervise the quality and application of my own work. My inspiration from great art is mostly academic from an artists view point. Painting for me is a life force which resides in me and is a very exciting and fulfilling part of my spirit. Every element in my paintings should always be in fine harmony with full structure before I can consider it as being successful. My art creates itself through me, surrendering to a process which involves powerful visions that are developed and expressed through me in paint.

Forbes Preserving The Future: Art And Artistry Of Sergey Konstantinov
http://Forbes. Preserving The Future: Art And Artistry Of Sergey Konstantinov https://www.forbes.com/sites/stephanrabimov/2020/07/13/preserving-the-future-art-and-artistry-of-sergey-konstantinov/#5eceeb9c3b28